Value Your Trade

How Much is My Car Worth?

When you’re ready to purchase a new car or used car at Alfa Romeo of Fort Worth, did you know you can sell your car to us and put that money towards your next vehicle? When you sell your car to a dealership you save yourself the time and hassle of trying to find a buyer on your own, and you’ll know that you’re getting the best price on the Burleson market. If you’re wondering how much your car is worth, take a minute to use the complimentary Value Your Trade tool at Alfa Romeo of Fort Worth for an estimate to get started!

How to Sell My Car to Alfa Romeo of Fort Worth

Weatherford drivers who want to know how much their car is worth can find out at no cost in a matter of minutes when they use this simple Value My Trade tool. Just enter the information about your car, and you’re then ready to sell your car to a dealership in the Arlington area. Here’s how that process will go:

  1. Once you’ve got an estimated value for your car and know how much your car is worth, choose a few favorite vehicles from our inventory that are within your budget and suit your needs.
  2. If the vehicle you’ve chosen costs more than your trade-in’s worth, you can apply for financing with us to cover the difference.
  3. It’s a bit more difficult to trade in a car if you still have a balance on your loan. Our finance team can help you find the right option if this is your situation.
  4. Are you ready to sell your car to Alfa Romeo of Fort Worth? Contact us to make an appointment so we’ll be ready for your arrival. We’ll inspect your vehicle and make you an offer. It might differ from the estimate you got from our Value Your Trade tool since the estimate factors in the condition of your vehicle and buyer demand for it. You can accept the offer, negotiate, or walk away without obligation.

Car-Trading FAQ

1. Can I sell my car to Alfa Romeo of Fort Worth without buying a car from Alfa Romeo of Fort Worth?

Yes, and our offer will be the same whether you’re buying from us or not.

2. Is the online offer a real offer or an estimate?

We provide real offers, both online and in-store, and all of our offers are good for 7 days. If you have an online offer to redeem, bring it to Alfa Romeo of Fort Worth. Once we verify that your car’s condition matches the information we received online, you’ll leave with payment in hand. Some offers are adjusted after the verification process.

3. Can I get both an online and in-store appraisal?

If you have an online offer, an additional appraisal isn’t needed unless the offer is no longer valid. We use the same appraisal criteria online and in-store, and every car’s condition is verified in person when an online offer is redeemed. We only adjust online offers if a car’s condition differs from the information we received online.

4. Do I have to get my offer online?

No, you’re always welcome to bring your car to Alfa Romeo of Fort Worth store for an in-store appraisal. To get an in-store appraisal, you can either make an appointment or simply stop by whenever it’s convenient for you.

5. What do I do after I get an online offer?

If you want to redeem your offer and sell your car to Alfa Romeo of Fort Worth, you have 7 days from the day the offer is made. You can either make an appointment or simply bring the car to us anytime we’re open. We’ll verify your car’s condition, finalize your offer, and you’ll be able to leave with payment in hand.

6. Will you pick up my vehicle from my home?

We don’t currently offer a pick-up service. Offers can be redeemed at Alfa Romeo of Fort Worth.

7. Do I need an appointment to sell my car?

We do prefer to work by appointment but you’re more than welcome to drop in anytime we’re open.

8. Do I have to sell my car at the same location that gave me an offer?

Yes, each of our dealerships operates independently.

9. How do you determine my offer?

We review current market conditions as well as your car’s specific year, make, model, mileage, and vehicle history report. We examine your car’s condition inside and out for major defects like frame or flood damage. We also test drive your car and check to see if the brakes and turn signals are working (among other things). If repairs are needed, we may adjust our offer accordingly. In regard to cleanliness, the long-term maintenance and care of your car is what’s most important in determining our appraisal offer. Check out Edmunds for additional tools and info.

10. What do I need to sell my car?

Requirements can vary from state to state, but there are a few items you’ll need no matter where you are:

  • Your car’s title or payoff information. All titleholders should be present.
  • Valid and current registrations.
  • Valid state-issued photo ID for all titleholders.
  • All keys and remotes.

Please note that you don’t need these things to get an offer for your car, but if you think you plan to sell when you get your offer, you should come prepared with these items.

11. How do I get paid for my car?

You will leave with payment in hand the same day you sell us your car. We pay with a bank draft, which is a type of check where payment is guaranteed to be available by the issuing bank. A bank draft must be deposited and cannot be cashed. Before attempting to draw on the bank draft, always check with your bank to see if they have a specific hold policy on deposits.

12. What if I owe more on my car than the amount of your offer?

If your payoff amount is more than the offer for your car, the difference is called “negative equity.” In some cases, the negative equity can be included in your financing when you buy a Alfa Romeo of Fort Worth car. If not, we’ll calculate the difference between your pay-off and our offer to you and you can pay Alfa Romeo of Fort Worth directly.  Alfa Romeo of Fort Worth accepts cashier’s checks, certified checks, certified funds, cash, and debit cards.  Our written offers are good for three days, giving you time to get any necessary funds to settle your transaction.

13. Do you buy leased cars?

Yes! In most cases, you can sell your leased car in almost the same way as any other financed car. We’ll appraise the car, then contact the leasing company for a payoff quote and process any equity you might have. Please note that Alfa Romeo of Fort Worth cannot purchase a vehicle currently leased through the following companies: Nissan Motor Acceptance, Infiniti Financial Services, Honda Finance, Southeast Toyota Financial, GM Financial, Ford Credit, Mazda Credit, World Omni, Volvo Financial, Lincoln Credit, Acura Financial, Hyundai Motor Financial, Kia Motor Finance, and Mercedes-Benz Financial. Also, be aware that your leased car might not be eligible for trade-in tax savings. Check with your leasing company for complete details.

14. Can I sell a car on behalf of a company?

If you would like to sell a car on behalf of a company, please see a Business Office associate for the requirements needed.

Sell Your Car to Alfa Romeo of Fort Worth!

When you sell your car to Alfa Romeo of Fort Worth you’ll enjoy a fast and convenient transaction that gets you back on Fort Worth streets in your new car in no time! Contact Alfa Romeo of Fort Worth with any questions you have about how to sell your car to us. We’re here to help!